Website solutions with a modern twist.

Penfold Design create bespoke custom web solutions to help you grow online with your customers. Be different, let us design you a website that really defines you. 📝

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Solutions that make a difference

Working closely with our clients, we ensure that a web solution not only meets their specific requirements but provides them with the tools they need to power through their online presence.

Web Design

Each website we design is crafted exactly to what the client requires, using pre-built templates is the last thing on our mind.

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Web Development

We develop quick, modern, mobile-friendly websites over multiple different platforms, both static and dynamic.

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Brand Identity

We offer a full range of graphical services to help get your brand uniform and professional.

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Content Creation

We can curate content specifically towards your brand and help you show the good in what you do.

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Managed Hosting

We can manage all your hosting and domains for you, which makes it much easier for you to focus on what’s most important.

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What our clients say

"Penfold Design was able to produce me a website that captured my brand’s attributes with a strong attention to detail. The service delivered was in a professional manner and a commitment to deadlines."

Dan GrahamAluses Graphics

"Aaron shows highly compelling intellect when working on the design and frame of our websites. I would recommend to any start up company looking for responsive, cost effective web solutions"

Jack YoungScopic Freelancers

"Choosing Penfold Design for our website was a no-brainer. He took the time to get to know us as a brand before even working on the website; I would definitely recommend."

Liam KelleherDistorted Clothing

Our process-based approach

All of our designs are made from scratch by our team, as we believe that’s the best way to portray your identity - by using the colors and styles that perfectly match it. We follow the same 6 step process-based approach for all our clients.


Client Requirements

Create a brief of exactly what is wanted and the priorities required.



We gather components and inspiration which match the brief.



Convert ideas into real life designs and provide evidence to the client.


Development & Testing

Bring the design to life! And follow a strict action-based test plan.



Hand the finished site over to client, or deploy to the web.



Make sure that your website is running at max performance.

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